Simply the cutest Easter cupcake design ever! This design is perfect if you are looking for something easy to make for your Easter celebrations!

12 cupcakes (any flavours you like)
2 cups of white icing
yellow and black food coloring
1-2 orange starbursts
yellow decorative sugar

  1. Color 1.5 cups of icing in yellow and the rest in black.
  2. Spread yellow icing on each cupcakes with a knife or small spatula. Place the yellow sugar on a plate and dip each cupcake in the sugar to cover the icing completely.
  3. Place the black icing in a piping bag with a small circle piping tip.
  4. Pipe two small circle on each cupcake to create the eyes.
  5. Place the left over yellow icing in a piping bag with a petal piping tip. Pipe two wings on both sides of each cupcake. (See picture)
  6. Warm up the orange starburst in the microwave for 7-8 seconds.
  7. With the starburst, shape 12 little triangles to make the beaks. Place in the centre of each cupcakes, in between the eyes.
  8. With the rest of the starburst, make 24 chick legs. I started by making a broom shape and then made 2 small cut in the triangle to create the toes.
  9. Place 2 legs at the bottom of each cupcake.