We are Andrea and Rachel, baking enthusiasts and friends living in different countries! In the spring of 2017 we met while working together at a cake and cupcake bakery in Vancouver, Canada. We quickly bonded over our love of baked goods and cake decorating, and when Rachel moved to California we knew we didn’t want this excitement about baking and friendship to end. We started this blog to continue to have fun developing recipes and to keep learning as much as we can about cakes and goodies together, even 1000 miles apart!

Rachel is a lover of all miniature desserts, wife, and dog mom of one. She is a Red Seal Certified Chef from Alberta, Canada who is currently living in California. Rachel attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Professional Cooking Program in 2012, and after graduation worked in catering until finishing her apprenticeship in 2016. After moving to Vancouver in late 2016 she decided to expand her experience in baking and got a job at the cake shop where she and Andrea would meet. After being able to work together with Andrea on all manners of sweet treats while at the bakery, in late 2017 Rachel’s husbands career relocated them to California and this is when Baking Apart first started!

A native from Saguenay Québec, Andrea holds a bachelor’s degree in music performance from Conservatoire de Saguenay and a master’s degree in music performance from Ottawa University. Andrea moved to Vancouver in 2014 to pursue a diploma in music performance at the University of British Columbia, and fell in love with the city. That led to the decision of starting a new life as well as her career in Vancouver. After finishing her music diploma, she decided to explore her other passion, baking, and worked as a manager in the bakery where she later met Rachel. The experience was enriching and full of new experiences, and that is where the idea of creating a baking blog together first started to take root.